The Daily Apple Diet

I said it…the dreaded “D” word. And for the first time in my company’s history, I’m going to try it. I’ve never believed in dieting. Just the word itself instantly brings upon feelings of anxiety, depression…and hunger. And most of the ones out there on the commercial market are fads. They might work in the beginning, … Continue reading

Gourmet Babies

My good friend Janice told me the other day that she admires the way that my husband and I cook for our young son (thanks Janice!). We aim to make only one family meal per night. We  continuously introduce him to a wide array of new, fresh and wholesome foods. And we take him out to … Continue reading

The Paradox of our Time in History: George Carlin

I never read those mass forwards with little riddles or rude stories that people send…you know the ones that make you forward to 10 people or bad things will happen to you in 10 minutes? But this morning my mother sent this to me, knowing how passionately Chris and I are about making change, and devoting our careers to doing … Continue reading

Soupstock: Walking the Talk

Yesterday, Daily Apple was proud to be one of the organizations participating in Soupstock — a congregation upwards of 40,000 supporters —all gathering to make a political statement to stop a proposed Mega Quarry from being built on our prized and depleting farmland. There were big names there, from all over Canada. Chefs like Susur Lee and Jamie … Continue reading

Recipe for a Good Parent

Yesterday I was bad. Very bad. And today, I’ll pay for it. Being a mother has been a difficult adjustment for me. Don’t get me wrong…. my 22 month old son is incredible — curious, musical, a great performer (just like his daddy!) happy and insanely busy. He is amazing. And exhausting. He IS the “reason … Continue reading

Resurrected Recipes: Green Bean Casserole

Yes…I said it…and I made it. The dreaded word in my culinary lexicon: casserole. I vowed I would never create, let alone publicize, a recipe for anything with the words loaf, medley or casserole in them once my cooking career began. But I caved. For some reason, maybe because I have my own family now … Continue reading

Gratitude Run

As I get older, I have started to realize that the world, as complicated as it is, is actually pretty simple to figure out. There is no “one big thing” that’s going to happen to make everything that much better…and the sooner we embrace that, the happier we can all be. To put it simply, no … Continue reading

Optimizing Energy for the Fall Frenzy

I love this time of year. Actually from Labour Day to New Year’s Day is my most favourite period (I could definitely do without January-March though!) I love everything about it: schedules, new programs, cool weather, jeans and sweaters, holidays, eating, new recipes, more eating! What I don’t love is that it is cold and … Continue reading

A Recipe for a Simple Life

When I first started Daily Apple, I was bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready to change the way people lived, one macrobiotic meal at a time. One wedding, two knee surgeries and one insanely busy child later, I still have those big dreams, but have tailored them a wee bit, made them slightly simpler and definitely a lot edgier. … Continue reading

Redefining the wellness world…once again

Beginning September 2012, Daily Apple Living will be changing the nature of our content. The focus…getting back to basics. Living clean and simple…but always keeping it fresh and fun. Stay tuned for great new recipes, lifestyle tips and our newest feature –Lesley’s lists…the easiest and fastest way to improve your health.