A little Bit About Daily Apple

dailyapple_logo1An apple a day keeps the doctor away…so goes the old adage. Here at Daily Apple, we believe the prescription for a happy, healthy life is almost as simple: Eat well, move your body, feed your mind.

With over 20 years’ experience managing lifestyle programs and events, Daily Apple offers companies a fresh approach to healthful living. From menu development to supply-chain management, employee workshops to company-wide events, the energetic team at Daily Apple makes fresh living simple.

Daily Apple grew out of Lesley Stoyan’s long-standing interest in fitness and health matters. After years of managing employee health centres, illness required her to investigate new ways of eating – macrobiotic, organic, local – and her passion as a “foodie” pushed her to develop recipes that were both wholesome and delicious. She founded Daily Apple in 2006 to promote “fresh living,” with an initial focus on producing artisan foods. Daily Apple’s baked goods and savouries were sold at Toronto markets and food emporiums until the end of 2009. Lesley specializes in education: on-site cooking events, recipe and menu creation, and lifestyle events and workshops.

Partner Chris Trussell joined Daily Apple in 2007. Having worked with some of Toronto’s top food organizations, Chris brings forth a wealth of experience as a local foods activist. Chris specializes in: supply-chain management, event planning and fundraising initiatives.

Learn more about our fresh programs and products at http://www.dailyapple.ca

2 thoughts on “A little Bit About Daily Apple

  1. Hey guys!
    Love the blog and the revamped newsletter! I see you’re kickin it up a notch – must be married life!

    Good stuff and hope to see you both soon…take your own advice, and stop working and start playing…we have some fish to catch and some snowmobiles to ride up north!

  2. Hi Lesley and Chris!

    I just read the Daily Apple recipe update on facebook and then moved on to your bolg. I am going to make a shopping list for some of your recipes this weekend and try them out!
    I have never tried endive before so the salad recipe from the LCBO class will be on the list!

    Good work with the site/blog. I get even more excited about cooking whenever I read about Daily Apple.

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